Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mehlman Leaving the RNC?

After an election that left Republicans stunned, rumors have surfaced that Chairman Ken Mehlman is leaving as the RNC chairman and possibly creating a split leadership. Like the Rumsfeld resignation it’s rumored that Mehlman was on his way out even before the fallout of the election, but who really knows. No formal announcement has been made so all the facts have not surfaced as of yet.

The talk is that Lt. Gov. Michael Steele will be named as the new RNC chairman. This would make Steele the first African American to be the chairman, a move which will help the Republicans in 2008.

Rumsfeld resigning and Mehlman stepping down is just the beginning of what will be a shake up of the Republican Party, hopefully this move isn't too late. This hopefully creates a new conservative and moral leadership that refreshes the ideals of the party and brings fresh perspective. Hopefully this spells success for the Republicans in 2008.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

November 8th: The Day After

After stumbling around in a haze and wondering "What happened?" the answers began presenting themselves as the vote totals were released.

In Central Pennsylvania the people carried over their primary anger towards the pay-raise Republicans and "voted the bums out." This year incumbency became a burden rather than a benefit; their name recognition automatically made them a target. Evidence of this is a school teacher who raised almost no money garnered 41% of the vote like Tony Barr did against Rep. Shuster which makes it clear that voters weren't voting for any, they were voting against incumbents.

When crunching the numbers for the local races I'm finding that in some areas (such as Huntingdon 5) there is a 50% ballot drop off, people went to the polls to just vote against Santorum and not vote in open seat elections like the 81st district race. Other places like Warriors Mark Township showed that a number of Republican's voted against Santorum, but a number of them left the Senate race blank.

The voters have spoken and they are angry. But in 2 years things will not be the same. This cleaning house of incumbents may benefit the Republican Party, maybe this will make them see that they need to find good candidates, moral leaders, and strong leaders to run on the ticket. Before we know it the 2008 election cycle will be upon us, this anomaly of an election will not happen again. Republicans need to brush themselves up, stand up with their chins held high and remember that there is always another election.

Thank you to everyone that volunteered, we did our best, we did what we could, and our efforts will not go un-noticed.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Casey Falling Fast as Santorum Pulls Even

A recent Zogby poll has the Casey-Santorum Senate race within the margin of error, a drop of five points for Casey since the last Zogby poll. The voters of Pennsylvania are beginning to wake up to the fact that Bobby Casey Jr. is an empty suit and a puppet for the liberal elites who are plotting for a Democratic takeover of the United States Senate. However, the liberals were probably not aware of Casey's lackluster campaign skills or his habit of putting everyone to sleep when he opens his mouth.

His horrible performance on Meet the Press at the beginning of September illustrates why he continues to refuse debates with Senator Santorum. Bobby has no grasp of the issues and the ones he knows about, he has changed his position on just to get a few votes. Take his position on the Morning After Pill. Casey, a staunch pro-life candidate, now says he supports it despite the fact that the Morning After Pill in some circumstances results in the abortion of a fetus. This kind of flip-flop prompted Senator Santorum to tell Bobby during the debate that his father would be very disappointed.

Now, more and more people are seeing how out of his league Bobby Casey is in this race. The American Spectator has noted:

"Taken together, from the refusal to buck on anti-Semitism, his pay raise buddies in the legislature, or the powerful pro-choice lobby in the state Democratic Party, Casey is emerging as a man out of his depth in this race."

Bobby Casey is a sorry excuse for a senatorial candidate and tarnishes the image of the institution for which he is running by his shallow command of the issues and the corrupt interests that back him. Bobby should go back to his job at the treasury (which by the way he is never there) and sign some payraise checks or something for the judges that just got theirs reinstated. After all, that is the only time Bobby does his job....when signing payraise checks for his Harrisburg cronies.

Continue on the path to victory Rick! Casey's implosion is comical and expected as his campaign now becomes a hapless quest to not get disgraced.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Never Forget...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Warchest

In today's edition of the Allentown Morning Call an article looked at the source of money for Bob Casey, Jr. and Sen. Rick Santorum. Both have significantly raised money from out of state.

Santorum's coffers have received large contributions from residents in Virginia ($602,000), New York ($509,000) and Florida ($482,000) while Casey has drawn his largest out-of-state support from New York ($547,000), California ($324,000) and Washington, D.C. ($277,000).
This shows how serious each of these campaigns will be for the coming weeks, there are millions to be spent and to be raised and it is imperative to the party that the Senator be re-elected. He is already ahead in raising money,
Overall, Santorum has raised $20.1 million to Casey's $10.8 million...
In the coming weeks, please visit and see what you can do to help.

Polls, Strategy, and the Midterm Election

The top three concerns of voters this November are the Economy, Iraq, and National Security, all in that order. It's the Republican position that they are strong on all of the concerns of the people but it is the hope of the Democrats to show that the Republicans may be strong but they are incompetant in all areas that voters are concerned.

The Democrats think that they can flip seats as easily as the Republicans did in 2004, but what the Democrats haven't counted on is that they are attacking veteran Congress members and not Freshman members as the Republicans did in 2004.

What we all know all too well is the idea of anti-incumbency, we experienced that here in PA. WE cannot take for granted anything in this election, we still have to work hard and work smart because incumbency is no longer a benefit in a campaign.

Keep an eye on campaigning and get involved, the Republican party needs you, and the future of America is counting on you.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Lesson from the People's Mayor

Pittsburgh mayor Bob O'Connor's tragic death at the hands of cancer is not only a loss for a great American city, but also for Pennsylvania. Mayor O'Connor was a testament to unideological governing, something that is missing from so many of today's leaders. He did what was right for Pittsburgh, not what was right for his political party. This is what I admired about Bob. His short time as mayor left an indellible mark on Pittsburgh that will be felt for years to come. Instead of hiding and throwing up his hands about the troubles he faced as mayor, both in Pittsburgh and with cancer, he confronted them head on with a personality that brought people together. Mayor O'Connor, you are now at peace in the hands of the Lord.

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields
and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

R.I.P. Bob O'Connor

Pittsburgh Mayor Bob O'Connor died at the age of 61. He learned he had a rare form of brain cancer only seven months into his term.

I offer the O'Connor family and the city of Pittsburgh my personal condolences, as well as those of the Juniata College Republicans as a whole.

Rest in peace, Bob. God bless.


ACLU: 1, Justice: 0. For now

It was reported yesterday by the Associated Press and others that Hazleton, PA's groundbreaking illegal immigration ordinance is being delayed due to Hispanic Activists and the American Civil Liberties Union. On 13 July Hazleton passed a law that would, among other things, impose large fines for landlords, business owners and others who assist illegal immigrants in terms of housing or employment. The ordinance also makes English the city's official language, meaning that all city signs, all government offices such as USPS offices and the DMV must be entirely in English with no state-offered translation or interpreters.

As with any other time a city seeks merely to enforce laws already on the books by adding tougher penalties, the A.C.L.U. immediately jumped to the illegal immigrants' side and threatened to pursue litigation. On 15 August the A.C.L.U., the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund and other groups put a suit in front of District Judge James Munley "on behalf of 11 Hazleton residents and business owners, and three nonprofit groups" (PennLive article).

I applaud the actions of Hazleton, PA in their effort to enforce the nation's immigration laws when it has been the culture and climate of Washington, D.C., Harrisburg and state capitals around the nation to do just the opposite for so long. I long for a day when every American job will go to someone in this country legally - whether they are a citizen, a resident alien or simply on a work permit is not the point. We cannot claim to live in a land of freedom and justice when taxing some, renting to anyone and allowing illegal immigrants to get any right given to citizens and legal immigrants.

Phil Copley
Press Secretary, JCR


The views expressed in this post represent those of the aforementioned author only, and do not necessarily represent the thoughts or opinions of the Juniata College Republicans, Juniata College or any endorsed candidate or government official thereof.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Santorum Closing Fast Against "Some Weasel"

National Democrats are looking in amazement as the environment changes before their very eyes in Pennsylvania. Bobby Casey Jr., the hand-picked puppet of Democrats Barbra Streisand, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Teddy Kennedy, and Michael Moore has fast become a political joke as hard-working Pennsylvanians realize what his campaign is about...negativity, opportunism, and Santorum hate.

This is evident in a flood of new polling information suggesting the race has tightened considerably in the last several weeks. Both Muhlenberg College and now Quinnipiac have the race within 6 points - and it is only the middle of August! As more voters become familiar with Rick's record of accomplishment and his commitment to Pennsylvania families, you will see these numbers continue to close. The yellow-lights are flashing at Casey camp, as also stated by the NRSC, and it is apparent that an implosion similar to Casey's failed gubernatorial run four years ago is coming on the horizon. When the chips are down, the voters of Pennsylvania know that Bobby Casey ducks and hides from the issues while Santorum fights alongside them from inside the foxhole.

Casey's dire circumstances and Santorum's strength have caught the attention of Talk Show Host Don Imus, who recently re-endorsed Santorum's reelection bid. On his Monday morning (8/14/06) edition of "Imus in the Morning," this conversation ensued between Imus and his co-host:

IMUS: All I know about Santorum is -- which I don't agree with him
on much -- but what I like about him is he's a decent, honest guy and he kept
his word on the combating autism deal.

>> He did indeed.

IMUS: So did [Senator] Dodd -- and a bunch others -- but particularly
Santorum and we've done other things with Santorum. Remember going back to
raising the death benefits for these soldiers killed in Iraq and everywhere

>> A man of his word.

IMUS: Santorum was one of the original guys that kept his word on that.

>> Yes, sir.

IMUS: So, you have to be serious, obviously, duh. All I can say about Santorum is, in every instance that we've had anything to deal with him, he's (one) kept his word which leads me to suspect he probably keeps his word.
You may not agree with him on everything, but I would rather have somebody like that -- at least I would know what the deal was -- than some weasel who you had no idea.

>> Some former politician's son, some nepotism deal.

IMUS: Yeah, what's that all about?

Don Imus then went on to say that he still believes Santorum will win in November. Let's keep up the fight and show Washington, Massachusetts, and Hollywood liberals what we are made of! On to victory...